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Antioxidant-powered anti-ageing day cream.


The antioxidant-powered solution to premature skin ageing reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, fatigue, and visible skin tension that can be accelerated by external aggressors such as pollution, stress, and lack of sleep. The skin is left feeling firmer and smoother with visible bounce-back. Exclusive microalgae blend and plant cells from Turmeric help to protect the skin from visible stress and support its natural collagen and elastin reserves for a plumper, bouncier and more resilient complexion. A powerful Probiotic Lipidic Ferment supports the skin’s production of key lipids, including ceramides, to boost the moisture barrier and reduce water loss. For optimal results, pair with Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix. Silicone-free formula. Primary Clinically proven to visibly combat signs of skin ageing that external lifestyle stresses can accelerate*. Clinically proven to reduce appearance of fine lines, expression lines, visible skin tension and wrinkles*. Clinically proven to improve the feeling of skin firmness, elasticity, and visible bounce back*. Clinically proven to visibly reduce the look of the “elevens” and vertical lines between the brows*. Clinically proven to improve the feeling of the skin hydration/instant/ long-term moisturisation*. Secondary 100% Agreed this product left skin feeling replenished**. 95% Agreed this product left their skin feeling rejuvenated**. 95% Agreed their complexion looked more relaxed.**. 95% Agreed their complexion looked more rested**. *Independent Clinical Trials, 2021, 38 people over 2 weeks.** Independent User Trials, 2021, 101 people over 4 weeks.

Pro-Collagen Morning Matrix 50ml

SKU: 60143
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