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Overnight treatment that fights the visible effect of stress-induced ageing. Wake up to firmer, smoother-looking skin with reduced fine lines and wrinkles*, visible bounce-back*, and improved skin tone. This intelligent anti-ageing treatment is formulated to target the visible signs of stress-ageing, such as loss of moisture, volume, and tone, for maximum nightly restoration. 
The Smart Drone Peptide Technology sends peptides to where your skin needs them most, through its targeted delivery system, boosting Hyaluronic Acid synthesis to replenish vital hydration.  
Infused with an exclusive blend of rejuvenating microalgae, this innovative formula gently accelerates cell turnover and supports the skin's natural circadian rhythm, restoring the skin’s natural balance for a more refreshed complexion, with restored ‘bounce’ and a more even skin texture. 
For optimal results, pair with Pro-Collagen Morning Matrix. 
Silicone-free formula.

Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix 50ml

SKU: 40144
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